Fifteen random things about me


DSC_0137 (1)

Why fifteen? I have no idea

    1. I am a Christian~ this is first in my life, so it’s first on the list 🙂
    2. my dog is my basically my child~ *dog jumps on lap*
    3. my favorite color is blue~ like the ocean, the sky, and whatever other cliche blue things there are
    4. I enjoy anything that involves creating something for others to enjoy~crafts, baking, art, photography, you name it, I’ve tried it.
    5.  I consider myself an extroverted introvert~ I can’t survive without being with people and time alone.
    6. I’ve been into photography recently~ ever since i started taking a photography class this year I’ve really enjoyed it
    7.  I’m always changing the way my room looks~like every month
    8. I’m homeschooled~ and yes, I enjoy it
    9. I’m definitely not sarcastic~ 😉
    10. I love food~ I mean, come on, who doesn’t?
    11. My favorite season is every season~ although if you forced me to pick, i’d pick summer
    12. My biggest pet peeve is pushy people~ (or chain mail, take your pick)
    13. I love to read~ I can escape in a book for hours
    14. My least favorite subject is math~ my favorite depends on my mood 😉
    15. I’m always procrastinating~ that’s why this is last 😉




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