July Wrap Up ||sunsets, ice cream and swimming


Wow look an actual post 😉


Dying my hair blue, which was super fun (in the picture it looks greenish grey lol)

Going to baskin robin’s waay too many times *that ice cream sure was good though*

Getting into a reading slump (see below)

Dying in the heat

Going swimming a ton

Enjoying the beautiful sunsets 🙂

Starting school…now hold up there before you start going “WHAT?!SHE’S STARTING SCHOOL IN JULY?!?”…yes. yes I am. But only because my family is taking a vacation when we would normally start school

*checks goodreads*

Literally one book. I’m pretty sure that’s an all time low for me.

I actually picked up a lot more books than this but I either hated them and didn’t finish…or I was lazy and just didn’t record them *coughs*

So here’s the one book:

very good 10/10 would recommend

The irony

since I didn’t make any goals this last month I’m going to make some for August

~stay on track with school

~post at least 2 full posts

~get my learners permit

Have an amazing August!


p.s. For some weird reason, WordPress decided to make my headers appear gIaNt in Reader, but not on my actual blog or in my editor….so sorry about that guys


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