Back to school tips + supplies||haul



As everyone knows, school is coming up fast 😱 (or you may have even started already, like I did) but if I’m being honest, I’m actually kind of happy about it *shh don’t tell anyone* soooo for the beginning of the school year, I thought I’d share some of the tips, tricks and the supplies I’m using this year.


use a planner

Using a planner honestly helps sooo much when the school year starts and everything gets cRaZy busy…I try to keep all of my assignments in there so that when I need to know what to do that day, I can just flip my planner open and it’s all right there.

• don’t listen to music if it’s distracting for you

I know that pretty much every school hacks post you read will tell you that listening to classical music or whatever while you study is supposed to help you be smarter, which is great if it works for you, but if it just distracts you (like it does for me 😉 ) not listening to music might be the better way to go

•Pleeeease don’t save your schoolwork for the last minute I’m talking to myself here

•stay off your phone while doing school/in class

I always have a hard time staying off my phone, and I’ve found that usually the best solution is to just put it in the other room with the ringer off. If putting in the other room isn’t working then I’ll use this app

•take short breaks

This ones mostly for homeschoolers, but I find that taking short breaks for a stretch or a snack helps me stay motivated

•Don’t start with the subject that you hate the most

(Again, mostly for homeschoolers 😉 ) I know this sounds crazy because I know that every other school advice thing I’ve read tells you to start with the hardest thing first to get it over with; but if I start with the hardest thing ( i.e. math) I’ll keep putting it off because i don’t want to do math. So instead, recently, I’ve been starting with something a little easier (like English) and then doing the harder stuff so that I’ll have the motivation from finishing the easier thing to get through the harder subjects.


These folders and spiral notebook are from Target and I decorated them with some letter stickers I had around and some cute patterns I printed out from Pinterest.

My planner (also from Target) and gotta have those post-it notes

For my lit worksheets I just found a white binder and some more of those letter stickers I had lying around

I’m loving these positive pencils right now. I got them at Target but I couldn’t find a link for them on their website :/

That’s all for the haul!*


*why am i so cheesy*


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